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Welcome to My Timely Guidance Blog!

randy-avatarThis blog contains of a variety of topics including new and previous Lord Melchizedek messages that I will be elaborating on with my own comments and suggestions, travelogues, self-help guidance, new messages from the other side of the veil and more.

At times I will include photographs, illustrations and videos with the intention of providing you, the reader, with a rich and fulfilling experience.

I consider your time precious; therefore, I will endeavor to keep these posts a brief as possible and break them into segments, if necessary, for the sake of brevity.

With sincere appreciation and love,

#58 The Three Wise Monkeys

#58 The Three Wise Monkeys Japan During the month of January 2014, I was invited to visit Japan to teach the Quest For Mastery Level III material.  Quest For Mastery is a school with a primary focus on Archangel Michael’s Wisdom Teachings, as given through Ronna. While I was in Japan, my gracious hosts took me on a tour of Nikko. One of the places we visited was the beautiful, magnificent and quite amazing Nikko Toshogu Shrine. Toshogu is a large, spectacular shrine complex built in the early 1600s. I did not realize how old the wise monkey philosophy was. I was surprised to see the speak no evil, [...]
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#56 We are Built for Success

Dec 26, 2013 Randall Monk Timely Guidance Blog No comments
#56 We are Built for Success In the early 1970’s my interest in self-help, spirituality, and metaphysics was profoundly influenced by three very inspiring books. The first one, given to me by a dear friend, was The Magic of Believing, by Claude M. Bristol. The second book, given to me by another friend, was The Science of Mind, by Earnest Holmes. The third book, which I recently started reading again, is Psycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz, MD, FI.C.S. All of these books played a major role in shaping my beliefs at the time, and I was a different person after reading them, especially The Science [...]
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#55 Dwell in the Heart – A Melchizedek Lineage Message

Nov 15, 2013 Randall Monk Timely Guidance Blog 8 comments
#55 Dwell in the Heart – A Melchizedek Lineage Message Greetings, beloved. You are presently experiencing a time of major transformation. Everyone on your planet is going through a period of transformation, some more dramatic than others. Your outer world is undergoing change as well. You may be wondering how to best navigate this experience. The answer is to remain centered in your heart, as an observer. When you find yourself off-center, and you will, gently bring yourself back to your heart and embrace the feeling of love. The more you remain centered in your heart embracing love, the more you [...]
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#54 Failure or Feedback – Your Perspective, Your Choice

Oct 30, 2013 Randall Monk Timely Guidance Blog No comments
#54 Failure or Feedback – Your Perspective, Your Choice We have all sorts of destinations throughout life: minor ones such as a simple trip to the grocery store; intermediate objectives like starting a new business or career, and we have the ultimate destination – a fulfilling life (whatever that means to us individually). We can find and honor the gift that is given in the form of what appears to be a failure when we acknowledge and use the information received for our benefit. We do this by learning from the event, and using that wisdom to make the appropriate adjustments to our course; when we [...]
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