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Welcome to My Timely Guidance Blog!

randy-avatarThis blog contains of a variety of topics including new and previous Lord Melchizedek messages that I will be elaborating on with my own comments and suggestions, travelogues, self-help guidance, new messages from the other side of the veil and more.

At times I will include photographs, illustrations and videos with the intention of providing you, the reader, with a rich and fulfilling experience.

I consider your time precious; therefore, I will endeavor to keep these posts a brief as possible and break them into segments, if necessary, for the sake of brevity.

With sincere appreciation and love,

Transforming Adversity

Transforming Adversity is a 2 minute video created from a webinar. For more information on dealing with life’s obstacles click on the Melchizedek message link below this video: To learn more about managing life’s challenges read this Lord Melchizedek message after watching the 2 minute video above:
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2015 – A Year of Opportunities

As a student of numerology I would like to offer my interpretation of the numerology for 2015. The credit for modern numerology is most often given to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Pythagoras was born is Greece around 590 BC and was one of the best known philosophers of his day. Eventually he established a school in Italy where he taught Mathematics, Astronomy and Music. Numerology is a straight-forward system.  We simply add up a few numbers and interpret the results. When we add 2+0+1+5, we get 8. The number 8 is a result-oriented number – on steroids. It presents us with a grand opportunity! [...]
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#60 Honoring the Presence Within

Nov 6, 2014 Randall Monk Timely Guidance Blog No comments
I recently read The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code. I would characterize The Lost Symbol as an on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller. It is a good read as a novel and is informative as well as Dan Brown likes to base his novels on factual data. What I found interesting is how he uses this novel to teach ancient wisdom. Below are some quotes Mr. Brown mentions in his book, as well as quotes from other texts regarding the presence of God within us. Bible quotes Luke 17: 20: “The kingdom of God is within you.” Corinthians 3: 16: “You are the temple of God.” Genesis: “God created [...]
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#59 – The Magical Influence of Appreciation

Aug 24, 2014 Randall Monk Timely Guidance Blog 4 comments
The feelings associated with appreciation, love, gratitude, joy, and compassion generate an enhanced sense of well-being. When a person appreciates or feels gratitude for someone or something, I believe that they emit a stream of energy toward the object of their appreciation. The practice of appreciation is highly beneficial for the person who embodies the feeling as well as the recipient. The person feeling appreciation raises their vibration, and the whole of humanity and beyond benefits, for we are all connected. The same can be said for gratitude, love, joy, and compassion and other expressions [...]
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#58 The Three Wise Monkeys

Apr 15, 2014 Randall Monk Timely Guidance Blog No comments
Japan During the month of January 2014, I was invited to visit Japan to teach the Quest For Mastery Level III material.  Quest For Mastery is a school with a primary focus on Archangel Michael’s Wisdom Teachings, as given through Ronna. While I was in Japan, my gracious hosts took me on a tour of Nikko. One of the places we visited was the beautiful, magnificent and quite amazing Nikko Toshogu Shrine. Toshogu is a large, spectacular shrine complex built in the early 1600s. I did not realize how old the wise monkey philosophy was. I was surprised to see the speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil [...]
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